The BYU is a smart choice for anyone looking for a quality MBA. It is a Top 20 MBA that is also #1 for Career Readiness, #1 Family Friendly, and #1 ROI.

 The GMAT/GRE is the biggest factor used for admissions, with an average 675 GMAT for the full-time MBA and 620 for the EMBA.

“We’ve seen great results from Test Perfect. It’s the best GMAT prep course, and we recommend it to our applicants.” – Jason Hall, BYU MBA Head of Recruitment

Contact the BYU MBA

Call: (801) 422- 3500

High Ranked

BYU MBA is a Top 20 MBA program that competes with ivy-league schools for quality.

#1 HR, #6 Operations, #12 Entrepreneurship

#16 EMBA, #24 MBA

Great outcomes

The BYU has a Career Management team responsible for helping students land great internships and careers.

– $117K average starting salary (2019)

– 93% placement withing 3 months (2019)

Great experience

Because it’s BYU, students learn more than business – they develop as leaders and as individuals.

– #1 Best Trained Graduates

– #1 Family Friendly MBA

Two MBA Options

Full-time MBA – Traditional on-campus in Provo Monday – Thursday. Five tracks to choose from: HR, Marketing, Finance, Supply Chain & Operations, Entrepreneurship.

Executive MBA – Every-other weekend in Salt Lake City. Instead of a deep dive into one track, the EMBA covers all tracks to make for a well-rounded executive.


Full-time MBA 

  1. GMAT/GRE – 675 is the average GMAT equivalent
  2. Work experience – 2 years minimum, 4 years average
  3. Personality/Fit – professional team players
  4. GPA – 3.5 is the average

Executive MBA

  1. GMAT/GRE – 615 is the average GMAT equivalent (waiver)
  2. Work experience – 5 years minimum, 12 years average
  3. Personality/Fit – professional team players
  4. GPA – 3.5 is the average
  • Apply October 1 – May 1 online at
  • Take only the quantitative (math) and qualitative (verbal) sections. The other two sections are not used.
  • Applications will take 3-4 weeks for processing. If deemed competitive, applications will have a one-on-one interview with a faculty member.

Cost – High quality at low cost

Full-time MBA – $13,450 per year ($26,900 total tuition)

Scholarships available up to full tuition. Amounts largely based on GMAT/GRE score.

Executive MBA – $24,400 per year ($48,800 total tuition)

Tuition is paid by quarter (August, January, April).

Results with Test Perfect

BYU MBA recommends using Test Perfect and studying 6-8 weeks to prepare for the GMAT. Recent successes:

770 GMAT – Aaron C. BYU MBA student

730 GMAT – Jason H. BYU MBA student 

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